New Work — Noods! An Interactive Story.

Hi folks,

I’ve taken a bit of leave from my PhD which left me with a bit more time to pursue some other projects. Incidentally, Voiceworks Magazine, organised a digital writing jam, which I took as an excellent opportunity to try out some new things.

My project for the jam is this here little game/visual story titled Noods! It’s about getting out of the rain and into a bowl of noodles. I had a lot of fun putting it together, and it’s spurred on a lot of ideas for further projects. It’s made using Bitsy – a free online game maker by Adam Le Doux.

Please enjoy! It’ll require you to use your browser to open, and won’t work on mobile.

Noods! by Call Me Sipo

New publication!

Hi folks,

I published a review of Fernando Sdrigotti’s recent book, Jolts in the Quietus – please take a look!