Information Diet 004

While this was a slow week for me writing on the blog, it has been a big week of reading things online. I have a new post on some early modern weirdness coming up on Wednesday (the key phrase is De Morbo Galico, for those who know). Until then, here is a brief digest of some of the more exciting things I’d read this week; quite Marx heavy, but then, it was his 200th birthday this week.

A nice little excerpt from David Graeber’s latest in the Guardian // Marshall Berman recounts his first adventure with Marx in Jacobin // Steven Sherman interviews Jim Ledbetter on his new collection of Marx’s journalism // Sarah Laskow on the hidden side of libraries at Atlas Obscura // Rachel Kadish on recovering the lost lives of women in the Paris Review // Lorraine Boissoneault on why we travel at the JSTOR Blog // Jedediah Purdy’s review of a bunch of #resistance themed books at Dissent //