Radical Philosophy archives available for free

via Open Culture

Radical Philosophy, which has been one of my favourite journals for a long time has opened it’s archives to the public. Having published some of the most exciting philosophy of the last 45ish years, this archive offers a fun excuse to revisit some great articles.

I’ve not yet had much of a chance to look through the full archive, but there are many texts that look like good reading. Immediately, the standouts are Judith Butler’s Adorno Prize lecture, Antonio Negri’s On Rem Kolhaas, Pauline Johnson’s Feminism and the EnlightenmentGenevieve Lloyd’s Masters, Slaves, and Othersand Michele LeDoeuff’s Women and Philosophy

I apologise in advance for how my thoughts on some of these papers (and others, as I make my way through the archive) might take over the blog for a while.